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  1. Without anwser, I'll have to uninstall ESET, and re-install it manually, which is a shame 😕
  2. Hi @MartinK, please liase with @Marcos. I send him the log over wetransfer, so I hope he has it as his end. When I realised that this failed, I tried to donwload the msi (which is on the bat) manually over my webbrower : this works ! On top of that, I put the manually download files on the %temp%/.eset.XXXXX/ folder and try to execute it manually (together with the config file). The behaviour was almost the same : the .msi didn't really finish the installation, but I ddidn't remember if it's was still caused by the SELF-DEFENSE or not. Note: On both of my policy (advanced &
  3. Hi @Marcos I had another endpoint to update so I give it a try : Disabling the SD didn't help. What helps on this case, was changing the policy. I've two sets of policy "advanced" and "not advanced" user. The main difference between the 2 policies are the rules : DETECTION ENGINE => Real-time file system protection => File open. the "Not advanced" group have it enabled, when the "advanced" group have it disabled. Could this be the reason ?! After checking, it seems that the installer failed to download the .msi / shasum checker application.
  4. The policy is enforced, and I can't deal with the override mode, as there is no agent installed anymore. Unless there is another way that this link : https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/admin_pol_override.html to do if from the client ?
  5. @Marcos The problem is : Those endpoint are not able to disable self-defense by themselve. It has to be disable/enable via the ESET Protect Server (using the agent). I'm on the situation that : Rules are still applied (not editable) ""from the server"". The endpoint are still getting the Client updates, that's it. Does it means that I will have to uninstall the client, to be able to install the agent v8, before re-installing the client ?
  6. As I failed to OVERWRITE the agent, I manually try to uninstall the current agent, to install the new. But installing the new AND the previous (working one) failed, so I ended with no agent installed at all ... Therefor there is no such file / folder (C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\)
  7. I'm still on the situation that some endpoint aren't communicated with the server. Any help on this @Marcos ?
  8. Hi @Marcos How am I supposed to install this on my endpoint, knowing that there is no communication anymore with the server, but the rules are still "locked" / not editable ? I've generated (a quite huge) dump + log collection. Where/how can I send it to you ?
  9. I'm on the process to upgrade from ESET Security Endpoint 7 to version 8 (following my upgrade from ESMC to ESET Protect). Depending of the user (for a similar configuration), some agent upgrade failed because either explorer.exe or msiexec.exe process can't access ESET files, here is the HIPS log : C:\Windows\explorer.exe;Get access to file;C:\Program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\*;blocked;Self-Defense: Protect ESET files;Write to file C:\Windows\explorer.exe;Get access to file;C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Modules\**;blocked;Self-Defen
  10. Thanks @MichalJ Indeed, I found the "configuration" which is more a "task" to me. The Question / suggestion was more : Why the notification send multiple time "configuration failed", when it could easily say : The Client Task "Install EES" failed And with eventually the information "Because XXXXX".
  11. I'm currently migrating my user from ESET Endpoint Security 7 to 8, following my upgrade from ESMC to ESET Protect. I'm receiving quite some emails, always with the same extra frustrating email : Why frustrating ? All the markers are green, and I can't see ANY details regarding this "invalid configuration". As far as I remember (v6 or prior), it was always the case that 'a configuration' failed ... But it's nowhere written where / how etc .. This seems to be a severe lack of information for the administrator trying to figure out (and want to fix) the issue. Would i
  12. I guess not for the cost ... Otherwise, CloudLinux / Lenix seems a good (and better IMO) alternative https://lwn.net/Articles/840221/
  13. For a long LTS, staying on Linux, I would peak Ubuntu LTS which is by far the best choice IMO. I would definitely NOT use Oracle Linux as Oracle isn't known to be a Long Term Free solution (see ZFS, MySQL, Java etc ....). On another way, if you're up to go on the unix world, I would definitely looking at free/openBSD
  14. Okay, the problem was on my side. Indeed, I was missing the private key somehow (was already generated by a colleague).
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