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  1. Is there any way to upvote this feature on the wish list ?
  2. Dear community, Unless I'm missing something, it was until few months back, possible to white list ranges of IP from Microsoft server, in order to allow the activation of our Office product (Excel for example) My rule was looking like this : as the rule was activated only during an activation, it was somehow okay. Nowaday, Microsoft doesn't provide a list of IP/Range anymore but only URL under the following KB : hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/921471 My question is the following : Is there a way to allow a specific software (ideally, a group of Microsoft Office Applications) to access these url which are blocked by our firewall rule (and not web protection rules) ?
  3. Yeah, that's right. Actually, on endpoint, on the log files "Event" section, I was able to see that's the error are coming from the HIPS rules (I wasn't even sure, as the popup didn't specify it).
  4. Description : Having more detail about the "invalid data" Detail: Currently, when we apply some "invalid" rules, despite working partially (I guess to "good rules" are working, but not the "invalid" one), we get the notification popup "User rules file contains invalid data". It's not really helpful to locate which entry may be faulty and which one are not. Would that be possible to get a log files stating which rules (name?) is faulty and even better : why ? It would also help to locate which "data" it's referring to. For instance, "User rules" could lead to several subsection into the rules admin panel (Antivirus, Update, Firewall, etc ...)