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  1. Nice second opinion scanner, thanks for the info
  2. Hi Royi follow Marcos advice from above and send Eset some logs..
  3. What does version-agnostic" mean ? In urban dictionary "agnostic " means....so??? Agnostic, in an information technology (IT) context, refers to something that is generalized so that it is interoperable among various systems. The term can refer not only to software and hardware, but also to business processes or practices. The word agnostic comes from the Greek a-, meaning without and gnōsis, meaning knowledge. In IT, that translates to the ability of something to function without “knowing” the underlying details of a system that it is working within. As with interoperability, agnosticism is typically enabled by either compliance with widely-used standards or added elements (such as coding) that will enable one system to function in a variety of environments. haha.. that ekplanation make more sense, thanks Arakasi
  4. Hi What does version-agnostic" mean ? In urban dictionary "agnostic " means....so???
  5. Hi Sandboxie - Firefox -No script. On demand - Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro Nod32 v7 , no backup software yet but thinking about O&O diskImage.
  6. Hi @ eset version 7 is very smooth and well build, great work. You should also appreciate you beta testers, the have done a great work. So dear beta testers, thank you for you time, we the ordinary users appreciate your effort very much.
  7. Same issue, on the same type of phone Samsung Galaxy S III (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ). Uninstalled EMS, for now, until eset staff is back from weekend.( other forums like Emsisoft have always staff available, even week-ends) This forum is just like a desert in the week-ends.
  8. Okay ,but dear Marcos that argument do not hold Water. Because this wish from the users have been asked for, for more that a couple of years. So, plenty of time to create an alternative solution The truthful answer is , that is has not been seen by Eset as important as other things.
  9. Maybe a bit off topic there Janus,but you're right, backup... backup is so essential. Many use lots of money on Avs but backup software noooooo
  10. @ Eset Eset sysrescue is still the same (in beta 7) , painfully hard Work, to create a rescue disk, especially on 64 bit OS. It takes forever, especially those who have a slower connection. And the hole process is definitely not for the average user. Why on earth, do you Eset, ignore users that have had a burning wish for a new approach to this. Users have been laying on their knees, and wish for a linux cd. They have been begging for this in version 4- version 5 -version 6- version 7.And the only answer, we the user gets is, "oh what a super idea, we will take a closer look on it". Don't talk down to us, we are not stupid,just say it as it is, that you don't will use manpower on this, because you will rather use that manpower to other things. That is at least something I/we the users can understand. How can you Eset, ignore us ,the users, for 4 generations??????????? Tanks, Tor
  11. Yes a darker grey would definitely help a lot. Just a hint of sunlight on your screen, then it becomes much harder to see those grey boxes, as it is now. Thanks
  12. I like the forums overall layout, but the grey colour, around the boxes is smeared, almost invisible with the strong white background.
  13. Yes, nice work Janus and Tommi, solved my Sumatra problem. Have been using Sumatra for a long time.
  14. Has never noticed the roolback feature before, nice post Janus
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