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  1. Reinstalling EVERYTHING now... very mad. PS: Please ESET say your ESS 6 is not compatible with Windows 8 64. if you guys do not say so I'll start a blog on this.
  2. BTW I reinstalled all the networks drivers w/o any difference NO network; MS Firewall refuses to load giving errors Event Id 5027 and 5028: "The Windows Firewall Service was unable to retrieve the security policy from the local storage. The service will continue enforcing the current policy. Error Code: 2147942413"
  3. Let's stay focused. I'm talking about Windows 8 Pro and ESS 6 (last available version). I was never able to make them work from a firewall point of view. Never. I'm a long time ESET user, I loved ESS til today. This is not about demonizing a product I used to love; it is just about ESS not being compatible with Windows 8. Period. Any help on how to avoid reinstalling the whole system appreciated.
  4. guau... I have opened a ticket with this issue, 2 days ago w/o answer... here no answer either... is anyone supporting ESET these days????
  5. additional info, the rule previously added vanishes after reboot. then really using my PC with ESS Firewall is a nightmare...
  6. confirmed; Eset Smart Security is not able to stop Microsoft Firewall. I was only able to regain control of my Local interfaces by adding an "Inbound Rule" to Microsoft Firewall allowing local interfaces... ESET, please fix this, I do not want to run 2 Firewalls as I'm forced to do now if I want to keep my ESS
  7. additional info if I go to MS "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" dialog even when it says "This settings are being managed by vendor app ESET Smart Security" the firewall presents the "Domain Profile", "Private Profile" and "Public Profile" working "Windows Firewal is ON" the funny part is that the option "turning windows firewall on or off" is not responsive, presumibly trapped by ESET ! then; any idea?
  8. Smart Security running on HP EliteBook 8460p with Windows 8 Pro 64 It is supposed on install SS should stop MS Firewall but it seems it is not the case. Some applications still trigger "Windows Security Alert" saying "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" and invites me to let the app to communicate on Private and/or Public networks (see attached pic). is this normal?? My problem; While my wireless connection is seen as a private network and I get Internet connection w/o problem all the other networks (1 Ethernet NIC and 2 VMware virtual NICs) are considered "Unidentified Networks" with "Limited conectivity". (the trick of right clicking "Unidentified Network" to enable sharing capabilities on it does not work, (right clicking on this case does not bring any option). Then there's no way to convince Windows 8 that those networks are in fact "Private" networks with full rights. Even when I stop SS Firewall and MS Firewall is already stoped those Interfaces are blocked by some security level. If i.e. I externally ping the Ethernet interface I'm able to see the ping packet is read by the OS (Interface packet counters and Wireshark say so) but the answer to the ping is never sent... I can believe I cannot get a simple ethernet conection working.... Is anyone here able to tell me how to get these humble local net interfaces working??? Thanks
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