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  1. Yep, I usually wait until the day of, for the same reason, haha. I believe it is just the product key. I think they stopped the username/password deal, I seem to remember.
  2. Been using NOD32 since as long as I can remember, and every year, I find a good deal at Newegg, for a 3 or 5 PC program. They used to send the retail product, and I'd simply use the product key, to get my username and password, and update my program. I just did it for a 3 PC version, and it's digital now. They send you the product key, and download link. That's fine, and obviously less wasteful, but is the process still the same, as far as me going and activating that license at the ESET site, or is that product key used in the program now? My current license doesn't expire until January, that's why I ask, don't want to activate it too soon. Hope I explained that right. :) Thanks, in advance.
  3. Just activated a license key, and got the new username and password, and CAN'T find the damn place to renew with my new username and password!!! Or did they change that too?!
  4. You too. I may still contact NewEgg, just to be safe. It sounds like it's exactly what it appears to be, but better safe than sorry.
  5. Yes, I checked both, thank you. I've discovered that checking NewEgg regularly, that it doesn't usually take long to get a great deal on the NOD32, or the internet security for multiple computers. I don't think ESET can ever beat NewEgg, but I don't check them very often. Amazon usually give NewEgg a run for the money, but NewEgg has some specials that are untouchable.
  6. I didn't purchase it yet, but likely will. Just tyrying to confirm what it appears to be. I do this every year, to "renew". I watch the NewEgg newsletters, and they always eventually have a killer deal on ESET software. This one is $55 off the 79.99 price, so yeah, for 5 PCs, that's a deal. Any yes, I never care about the CD, I always get the latest version online. If this is what it seems to be, it's also lest wasteful, as the CD just ends up in the trash.
  7. I made a typo, so I meant 5 PC, which I know means 5 computers, but I'm assuming they just send the license key, that is good for 5 computers, yes?
  8. Hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but when you buy a 5 PS product key card, you're just paying for the printed product key, minus the unnecessary cd, correct? Just making sure. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832114236&ignorebbr=1 Thanks!
  9. I know the live installer had a bad reputation a long time ago....is the in-product update any better, or am I better off installing 11 right over 8?
  10. If I do it with the intermediary updates, I save my settings, yes? If IO do a clean install of version 11, then obviously I have to configure it. All I really care about is the weekly scan. Do most people use it "right out of the box"?
  11. No.....Windows 7. Should it be jumping to 11, or will it simply do one at a time, maybe??
  12. And the updater in the program only mentions version 9. Or can I keep upgrading until I get to 11?
  13. Would I do that right from the upgrade option, right in the program? The reason I ask that is, a long time ago, it was considered best to uninstall the current version first, then do a clean install. I often heard not to use the live installer too, just do the offline version. If that is still the best way, I can configure the new version, but if none of that matters like it used to, or seemed to, I'll do it through the program.
  14. I'm still on version 8.0.319.0, and it's ok.....go ahead and laugh. Don't remember the version, but I remember you could no longer import your settings like the older version, so I've just kept blowing it off, haha. Anyway, guess it's up to 11 now, yes? That said, is it best to upgrade through the program, or do a manual upgrade, like the old days? Also....any tips, as far as configuring, or is it good "out of the box". My only concern would be setting up my weekly scan, but I'm assuming that's just as easy as ever, yes? Sorry if they seem like stupid questions, I've just been resisting the change for a while, and trying to get a heads up on the latest version. Had a couple weird things happen lately, and realized it's better to have the latest protection, as the crappy people in this world keep progressing. Thanks, in advance!
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