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  1. 80% of all exposed Exchange servers still unpatched for critical flaw https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/80-percent-of-all-exposed-exchange-servers-still-unpatched-for-critical-flaw/
  2. Also a FYI here. My version of FireFox just recently updated to ver. 75 which confirms my suspicion that the issue was originally FireFox related. Most likely: So if any FireFox users of Eset still have issues with your web site, tell them to upgrade FireFox.
  3. Looks like the problem has been fixed in FireFox:
  4. The problem is with FireFox. I can access https://web-board.budgetbakers.com/login in Edge w/o issue per the below screen shot with Eset Web Access options fully enabled.
  5. However if I try to access the login page directly, the below screenshot shows a certificate issue. Something doesn't look right to me here:
  6. All I can say is you appear to be the first one to every get an Eset deep behavior detection. I for one have never seen anything showing a BH/........... detection.
  7. Submit it to VT and see if anyone detects it as cracked.
  8. I disabled SSL/TLS protocol scanning and that is not the issue. Whatever this issue is with Eset's Web Access processing, it appears to be unique to this web site. If it was otherwise, the forum would be full of like postings.
  9. The Eset detection says it all. Eset is detecting is as cracked software. Looks like they are finally cracking down, pun intended, on that malware delivery method.
  10. Interesting. I tried to add the URL as an Eset allowed address to Web Access scanning and it still hung up on access. Event log entries below: Time;URL;Status;Application;User;IP address;SHA1 4/7/2020 11:45:36 AM;https://web-board.budgetbakers.com;Allowed;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;XXX\XXX;2620:1ec:bdf::10;A846AB501566E41A396241BA20FF777D4AFAFA11 4/7/2020 11:45:38 AM;https://web-board.budgetbakers.com/environment.cfg;Allowed;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;XXX\XXX;2620:1ec:bdf::10;A846AB501566E41A396241BA20FF777D4AFAFA11 Appears when Eset got to the environment.cfg area is where it hung. Also what the issue is lies in Eset SSL/TLS protocol scanning perhaps.
  11. OK, that worked with Eset Web Access protection disabled:
  12. I tried to access the web site: https://web-board.budgetbakers.com/ in IE11. A web page displayed stating that only FireFox and Chrome are supported.
  13. I will also add this comment. Your whole approach to malware protection is wrong. If whatever real-time AV solution you are using allows malware to install that is subsequently detected by Eset Online Scanner, something is wrong with that AV solution. Purchase an Eset Internet Security license and you won't have to keep performing all these additional malware scanning activities.
  14. This has nothing to do with Eset. I disabled Internet Security Web Access protection and received the same spinning wheel behavior. It might be an Issue with FireFox and you can contact Mozilla about that. I don't have Chrome installed, so I could not not test with it.
  15. You can run Eset in Safe mode: https://support.eset.com/en/kb2272-run-a-scan-in-safe-mode-and-submit-a-scan-log-for-analysis
  16. "Green people" are always better than "red people." Devils are usually portrayed as red people.😁
  17. When Eset is installed originally, all its settings are at default values. When an Eset in-program product update is performed, all existing settings are retained. The same applies if you download an off-line installer version and run that to perform an "on top" installation over the current version. As far as your current Eset GUI settings are concerned if they are not at default values, it is because you manually changed them. Another way your default settings could have been changed is if you previously saved your settings via Eset's settings Export feature and sometime later used the Eset Import feature. If you want to reset Eset back to its original default settings, the easiest way to do so is: 1. Uninstall your current version. 2. Download from the Eset web site that latest product version you have a license for. 3. Install the latest Eset version you downloaded. Note: The above obviously will result in any custom Eset GUI changes you manual made being removed.
  18. I wouldn't put a lot of stock into their statements. The Eset installer supports multiple languages. I could install an Eset license purchased in the U.S. and at installation time select Spanish for example, as the installation language.
  19. Are you stating the BIOS/UEFI no longer recognizes the drive where the OS is installed on? Are you sure that the drive selection order just didn't get rearranged and the first drive selected is the USB drive. Did you physically remove the USB drive from the device and then try to boot with the HDD auto selected and Windows starting?
  20. OK. I enabled Edge startup use. Both the eicarcom2.zip downloads blocked by Eset. See below screen shot:
  21. It's located under Cloud-based protection. See the below screen shot:
  22. I also just tested these two downloads in FireFox and Eset detects. I currently have Edge start up blocked in Win 10 so I can't test using Edge. Also which version of Edge are you using; the new Chromium based version?
  23. Here's the problem with Eset's distribution network. There is usually only one authorized partner per country. However that partner can set up reseller arrangements with other in-country business concerns. The problem is the only way to know if the reseller is legit is by directly contacting the in-country authorized Eset parnter. So my advice is to use the above link I posted for Eset - Portugal and contact them directly if blitzhandel24 is one of their resellers. Also note that Eset licenses are country specific. If a reseller is located let's say in Germany, that license won't work if installed on a device located in Portugal. It does appear to me that blitzhandel24.com is a German business concern. Note: I am not familiar with EU trade agreements in regards to what is stated above. But I strongly suspect that the in-country license restrictions also apply to the EU countries.
  24. Did you check the price for Eset on this web site: https://www.eset.com/pt/ ?
  25. in Win 10 Sign-In options, make sure your password setting options are properly setup:
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