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  1. Simple answer here folks is Eset normal channel release updates are region specific. Select countries will see the release prior to other countries. It has always been this way.
  2. If you don't want to wait, switch to pre-release updates. That's what I am running.
  3. That leaves the HIPS protecting the registry .............. My existing custom rules there to prevent registry mods. stay in place.
  4. Assumed is the scan counts shown on the On Demand are for stand-alone files. The registry is composed of 4 or 5 "hIve" files and I believe the WMI database is considered one big file physically.
  5. This does beg the question about real-time scanning. Attacker modifies registry/WMI database and drops malware there. If it runs prior to an On-Demand scan, are you nailed?
  6. Interesting. I didn't notice those two new scan options in ver. 13.2.14. I would have assumed in the past, Eset was scanning the registry and WMI database for malware. Guess not ..........🙄
  7. My device yesterday upgraded Eset to ver, 13.2.14. Does this issue occur in Win 10 2004 for ver, 13.2.14?
  8. One thing that still doesn't make any sense to me is if WD Controlled Folders was blocking access to files, you should have been receiving Windows Security Center notifications as noted in this article: https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/use-controlled-folder-access-windows-10-windows-defender/ . Guess you payed no attention to those?
  9. I also watched the provided video all the way to the end which I did not do previously. The system was not restarted after Eset was uninstalled as so prompted to do so. Do so and now test if this AppData folders access issue still exists. Or is the point here to prove that Eset does change file permissions in some way when it is installed?
  10. I have a question about the limited admin account being used on this system. Do you log on to Win 10 using your Microsoft account?
  11. The first question is if WD real-time scanning was auto disabled when Eset was installed as is normal procedure? Also WD has a "Controlled folders" option that does restrict access to the user AppData sub-folders. However that is a restriction by app access and has nothing to do with changing default permissions on those folders. Finally, the Controlled Folders option is not enabled by default.
  12. To share a drive on the laptop, follow this guide: https://quehow.com/how-to-share-an-entire-drive-in-windows-10/4406.html . The procedure is similar to sharing a folder. Note: on my Win 10 1909 build, I do not have the "Share with" option but rather "Give access to" option. Possible due to the fact, I don't have file sharing enabled on my PC. Also one reply to this article stated it doesn't work. If that's the case for you, then follow this guide: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/how-to-share-drives-windows-pc,36936.html . In this case, you are creating a mapped network drive. Also take note of this: I interpret the above to be that the default Win 10 limited admin account satisfies the admin account requirement but can't 100% vouch for this.
  13. Per the posted video, it appears a trial version of Eset is being used. Can Anti-Theft be enabled in a trial version?
  14. On both PCs, open Win Explorer and mouse click on the Network setting. Does that populate with network devices?
  15. Eset assumes NetBIOS ports are being used for file sharing. On both the laptop and desktop, open a command prompt window and enter the following command: ipconfig /all Verify that NetBIOS is enabled on both devices:
  16. Was the folder to be shared on the desktop set up for sharing per this link I posted previously: https://pureinfotech.com/setup-network-file-sharing-windows-10/ ?
  17. For both the laptop and desktop, do the following. Open Eset GUI. Then select, Tools -> Connected Home Monitor. For the laptop is the IP address for the desktop shown on the Connected Home Monitor display? Likewise, for the desktop is the IP address for the laptop shown on the Connected Home Monitor display?
  18. If you have a paid Eset license, open a support request with Eset USA LLC.
  19. Probably not. The bottom line is this. If Eset was changing file permissions, this forum would be full of like postings about it. You are the only one I have known of to make such a claim.
  20. Following this guide: https://pureinfotech.com/setup-network-file-sharing-windows-10/ and ensure file sharing is properly set up for the desktop. Eset firewall rules only apply to the actually network connections used in file sharing activities. Eset doesn't actually set internal Windows permissions in regards to file sharing.
  21. Is Eset installed on both the laptop and desktop? Scratch this - you answered in your previous reply.
  22. Well, according to Microsoft, BITS startup type is supposed to be set to demand; i.e. manual - triggered, if no BITS jobs are actively running: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/bits/bits-startup-type . However on my Win 10 1909 build, it is currently set to manual. As expected, Microsoft internally doesn't even know what it's doing anymore. Depends on the Win OS version you are using. On later Win 10 versions, the answer is no.
  23. Another thing. Does this issue persist when Eset is installed in normal Win 10 run environment?
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