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  1. I have just been talking with Eset Denmark. They didnt understand they had to investigate this, as I have bought it at your international site. Things like this really make one want to buy Eset again (sarcasm).
  2. I bought it at your website, I should still contact Denmark Eset?
  3. Hi Eset I have a licens, expiration date 12/03/2019. I have heard you just renew the licens if bought with credit card, so I would like to cancel any renewals. Thank you. If you need my details please let me know. I have tried to stop the auto renewal, but now I have used 30 min, and I cant find any options? Thank you in advance. -Nevi
  4. I have just tried the test here:hxxp://metal.fortiguard.com/tests/ Eset didn't catch the passworded zip file. Is there anything you can do to fix this? I use EAV. Best -Nevi
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