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  1. *friendly* what do you want us, poor macos users, to say, itman? ;')
  2. eset is sponsor ! 👍
  3. hello. Feedback from Eset Germany is: the cyber pro does have an anti-phishing protection but not a HTTPS check and thus no detection (at the moment).
  4. Update, I just performed a clean install and the firewall is enabled as default. sesk
  5. Hello to the Eset community. I am on the cyber pro 6.10.700.0. I was playing in the preferences and realised that the firewall was not enabled, however the home screen still shows a green screen with the check, like if it was activated. Is it normal ? To my knowledge it was the same on the previous version = no visual changes if I enable or disable it. My question is, what part of the firewall is active if the network traffic filtering is not on ? Much appreciated. sesk
  6. true. see the VirusTotal links (2X) in the BleepingComputer article. sorry I doubt you Marcos 😅
  7. I had to uninstall eset, use below link to download the lastest version (uninstaller included). Reboot. Install the latest version. Reboot again. Works. https://support.eset.com/en/kb3237-download-install-and-activate-eset-cyber-security-or-eset-cyber-security-pro
  8. hello. i have no photo of it but i had to go in security & privacy and then not in privacy but in general. if you unlock, you have a window on the bottom right, there you need to allow eset. see it ?
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