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  1. Thanks! And last question If I get a new license and let the others expire should it work? I would just have to change the activation serial number in my products, is that right?
  2. If I stay to these licences and renew one by one, will I have the update to CyberSecurity with latests versions too and ?
  3. Thanks a lot for your help 🙂 juste to understand, I need to do that for Android licence, then for MacOS licence, then for Windows licence? I would have liked to be able to combine my 3 licenses into 1 subscription for three devices.
  4. Hello, i've 5 licences (two for windows and two for MacOS and one Android) and in ESET HOME I can't find the option for renew my licence... I've only the automatic renewal... I wanted to switch my license to the new subscriptions but apparently I can't... What should I do when my license is close to expiring? Thanks a lot for help. Best Regards.
  5. Issue happened again today for me... 😓
  6. Thanks a lot to the team for the update 7.4.1600.0 ! it solve the problem! 👍
  7. UPDATE: I confirm, It doesn't ask me anymore since at least 4 days...
  8. Thanks a lot for update! I've seen that since a couple of days, it doesn't ask me anymore... I've search a little and perhaps it's when I let the login page of MacOs Sonoma open and wait a few seconds before entering my password... Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not (when I'm logging in, I see the eset window open in red and immediately it change to green).
  9. Thanks!! 👍 let us know if you have fresh update (this morning, another time I've to re-activate the total access to disk... other apps doesn't do this)
  10. nope, only Eset (and only one, not the real time protection, the other... like the screenshot of Sesk; but Cybersecurity go in red) . And on two Mac with Sonoma...
  11. The same for me on Sonoma. I have to reset full access to the disk periodically...
  12. By Eset LiveGrid I mean the tab who show all process that are running (in realtime) and reputation of each. The tool is available on Cybersecurity Pro but in standard you just see the Eset LiveGrid is on but you can't access to the list of process anymore...
  13. It missing some things I think or I don't find them... (livegrid process, screen at startup,...); I will continue testing, thanks a lot again Sesk
  14. I'm in! very cool thanks! just one thing, we can't see the real time process checked by eset livegrid like before?
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