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  1. Please advise any example rule in endpoint security to allow patch manager tools to run the scan on eset endpoint installed pc, we need to allow gfi languard product scanning and installation, once eset installed machine is not pingable also. I tried making my vlans as trusted and also other settings but no luck , any guidance to that will be helpful. thanks shaik
  2. Users are complaining that it slows teh machine , where the schedule scan is in night but if not done to scan when the pc restarts. Please advise. thanks
  3. Dear Support, We need to allow some of the remote utilities which are detected and removed by the eset, please advise a process to make them while list to a group of machines. Thanks shaik
  4. Dear Support, i would like to know the best method to allow all my internal vlans including server vlan to have trusted connection using a personal profile pushed from remote administrator. Any support is highly appreciated, all the extra security features like botnet and rogue detection bundled with firewall is making admin life harder. Thanks Shaik
  5. Dear Support, I would like to know if there is a method from policy which can be set to allow the stopping of scan for users without admin login. thanks shaik
  6. I was waiting for the error to occur , as mentioned this error is not persistent after a while eset gets updated automatically. Now i was able to capture the error as you mentioned. Please see the logs attached in private message.
  7. Can you please advise if Cisco ISE 1.4 is compatible with ESET endpoint security 6.3 , could be that is the issue ? Thanks for your advise. shaik
  8. Dear Bdeep, We are trying to enforce AV isntallation with updates not older than 15 days and windows updates. What i noticed is that when ISE does the portscan ESET HIDS blocks it , i have added our internal vlans under trusted network in eset firewall. ISE pops up with no AV detected , we are using ESET endpoint Security . shaik
  9. Dear Support, I am facing issues with cisco ISE client configuration ,with ESET endpoint security 6.3 with HIPS and firewall enabled cisco ISE is not able to identify it as a valid antivirus software and doesnt allow the network access as per the rules. Please advise if there is any particular documentation about this integration. shaik
  10. I have configured my updates all through proxy , as i belive that is the better way. I do get updates and after some troubleshooting the client update was fixed as i found that migrated old policy was having mirror. For file servers this error comes up multiple times but end of the day you will get 1 or 2 updates. Please advise and check if my attached configuration on the eset security product is proper and same done on the agent policy . Please advise as i am having this on some 5 servers now but expecting to push the installation to another 100 servers. shaik
  11. Or to make this particular category as informational only.
  12. What about adding to safe list , i am reluctant about strict cleaning based on my previous experiences.
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