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Found 12 results

  1. Dears, I am always getting this notification. Tried scanning and removing items using adwcleaner, it cleans but when i restarts its the same situation. ESET couldn't find any threats so far. I am using ESET Endpoint security solution in my entity. Requesting your support. Thanks and Regards, Clinton
  2. How Can i fix pop up coming up every 10-15 minutes asking "How do you want to open this type of link (http)?" Then if i select google chrome it redirects me to random ad website. I tried Eset endpoint, Trojan, Kasperski and Malwarebytes antiviruses but they can't detect any malware. Please help me this is the most annoying thing i have ever seen. EDIT: I also tried setting default applications and attaching file type to google chrome but it didn't work. I asked about this problem on microsoft forum too, but sadly they couldn't give me helpful answer...
  3. Hello, I have been having an annoyance with a popup recently to a website called "aftomedia". I've tried scanning multiple times and I've tried downloading malwarebytes to find it to no avail. The urls are always a little different, here are two examples: (I don't know how the website works so ill remove the protocol and the period before com) yvr.aftomedia com/afm/mF3fGd?site=imgur.com&crid=842&sourceid=adtech&xwsid=9432-194735&auction_price=0.148&lat=0.0&lon=0.0&udid=&cb=6822955 yvr.aftomedia.com/afm/mF3fGd?site=imgur.com&crid=842&sourceid=ad
  4. Hi I'm looking for a way to remove some PUM.Dns infections on a customer PC. Virus Total flags it as a Win32.WisdomEyes.It seems to be uploading data at various times causing up to 100% cpu resources. Eset EndPoint does not pick it up on scan. ADW picks it up and removes some files if the pc is off line but once the pc is back on line back to square one. Any help appreciated.... Just to note customer pc is used from 6am to 10pm 7 days a week with 4 to 6 users. I have tried numerus tools to try to remove it with no success ie. Scan / removal Online - Offline etc. Regist
  5. I have tried scanning with Avira, ESET Smart Security, ESET Online Scanner, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, ADWCleaner and Windows Defender. I have tried posting on other forums but I usually get no answer. It affects all browsers on my PC, including the steam store, and in-game steam browser. Lots of guides suggest checking the extensions and unwanted programs. I don't find anything in there. Hitman Pro finds tracing cookies and ADWCleaner sometimes fix registries, but it doesn't get removed. I have changed my DNS settings on my router and it's still here. Any help?
  6. Surfing (for a new door) tonight, my wife ran her 64-bit Win7 Ultimate into what's apparently a 'tech help' scam (screen shot attached). Couldn't shut the tab in Chrome so Task Manager-closed the whole browser. Upon reboot began to run NOD32, which promptly reported a blocked boot sector in the logical drive I park data in -- not drive C: but an E: I carved out of the hard drive back when. NOD32 was finding NO infections per se but a lot of corrupted files; so I shut the machine completely down. Before I turn it back on, should I load Eset's ERARemover or what? Nobody in this forum nor webwide
  7. Given ESET has helped me out in the past with virus removal tools I thought I'd post here first . 10 days ago I installed software from vttp://stereomixplus.com (replace v with h) to allow streaming my own internal PC audio online. After a few minutes I started noticing multiple background chrome processes making 200+ connections to different IPs. Initially hoping it was just an infection confined to Chrome I uninstalled, but then noticed exactly the same thing with background internet explorer processes in Kaspersky network monitor, so I blocked all connections, did numerous scans with vario
  8. Dear Support, I would like to know what can be done for the alert which is detecting this toolbar being installed part of the real player program, how can i control this behavior of eset alerts of shown as critical can i remotely do the deleting of this file on a case by case or set this particular program exe as unwanted and for removal list. Please advise as many users have this shown as threat , where as an admin has no control on remotely deleting this installer files. thanks shaik
  9. Hi, I'm one the fans of eset products and using eset internet security for many years without any problems but about a few days ago i start to see some adds around website i open in all browsers , taking too much cpu and ram and bandwidth usage in the first i thought maybe it`s on websites but then i figure it out it`s kind of malware or even virus that now take all over my phones , mobile , labtops after i do full scan with Eset and not found any virus or malware i try to install many antivirus and antispam and they have the same result only malwarebytes detect something related to it and jus
  10. Dear Sirs, We are the owners of the community and web site hxxp://www.freedownloadmanager.org/. We've recently analyzed the download link of our own FDM client (fdminst-cust.exe) by Virus Total and found out that your ESET-NOD32 online Antivirus has detected it as Malicious, when all other other Antivirus systems (such as Mcafee, Virus Total, Dr. Web, etc.) didn't find any suspicious content there. We hereby would like to confirm that it is 100% clean. Please would you consider this report at https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/aba50b4c8f25a3010ed612a3c41829154ed55d4f6416bebdce9bd6d887e6742
  11. Hello, I did some research on the file GuardMailRu.exe and in this site (respecively: habrahabr.ru/post/149636/ ) it says that it adds a toolbar to IE, Firefox and Opera browsers, which I can confirm since 1 account on this machine (respectively the one that installed something that I'm unaware of which also installed the toolbar) has the toolbar on IE, Firefox and Opera. I hope that you can inspect these files and possibly find a solution. P.S. The file runs on the System privilege level and when i tried to terminate the program it executed (approx.) 3000 more executables with the same filen
  12. Hi ESET, I have been forced to re write this post as my previous post was closed before I had the chance to answer, also the post I made around 20 minutes ago was also deleted. " The software in question is not detected as malware (ie. virus, trojan, etc.) but as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). The software was analyzed in ESET's malware research lab and was found to meet criteria for PUA detection. Detection of PUA is fully optional, and it's up to the user if they want to opt for detection or not. Even with PUA detection enabled, the user can exclude the application from scannin
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