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EEA/EAV falling behind?


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Each time I see a post like this on my Facebook feed:




I begin to wonder if I'd be better off deploying the "home" version of the product to my 120+ desktops, rather than the business version. I know the "home" is the leading edge, but version 10 - EAV is still on version 6. Script protection, protection against encrypters like Zepto - what else are we missing out on, by remaining on the business stream?


Manageability is great, but not at the expense of actually protecting the endpoints.


Is there an ETA for some of these newer technologies to make their way into the business stream of products?


Many thanks




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The fact that some new technologies like Script protection (useful especially on Win10 due to AMSI) or Ransomware protection were added to home version 10 (which still hasn't been released in most languages) does not mean that older versions do not protect against script malware or ransomware. I assume that Script protection could be integrated into Endpoint v7. As for Ransomware protection, it's not (yet) suitable for business version as it requires user's interaction or it might cause FPs if everything was blocked automatically. Also like any other protection, even ransomware protection must be continually developed / adjusted as ransomware authors continually attempt to evade new detection and protection technologies. Currently we can't tell how successful it will turn out to be so we cannot promise it will make it to Endpoint any time soon.

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