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Turn on real time protection from the remote admin console

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Okay, this is probably simple but i'm not seeing it or at least i'm not having much luck.


I've got roughly 17 machines that have the real time scanning turned off (I believe, it's saying antivirus and antispyware protection is disabled. Is there a way to tell remotely what exactly that means?)


A while back we had several machines we had to turn that off on due to the process they where running would get interrupted by the real-time scanning. Over time they've been re-purposed/renamed but we didn't get to turning real-time scanning back on.


I've tried right clicking on one of the machines, going to new task > configuration task > create > selected real time file system protection > clicking on mark > then console > save it > then hit next till i get to finish and let it run.


I tested this on one of our machines, left it alone for 5 minutes logged in and it hadn't changed. I turned on real time scanning from the console locally and it's good now.


Oh, forgot to mention. This is running ESET remote admin 5, and all the machines in question are ESET 5

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