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My Website is Blocked by ESET!

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Thats frustrating!! I mean everytime I start a new website eSET automatically takes it as malware website. This time you have targeted my new website hxxps://androidfrog.com without any reason. 


And this is causing me to either disable eSET Internet Security or completely uninstall it and shift over to kaspersky. 


Im using eSET from 4 years, and these things are hurting me alot.


Will you please unblock it?????????


Website: hxxps://androidfrog.com

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My site is blocked by ESET


why website are blocked


hxxp:// 1soft-3at.in/forum.php


i send up to 3 mails to simples and no responed and i made scan and it's only eset block my website please analyze my website and unblock it

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57 minutes ago, mabdol said:

my website is blocked by eset

First of all, this forum does not serve as a means for reporting false positives nor false negatives. To report the alleged false positive to the ESET Security Research Lab, follow the instructions in the FAQ section at the right-hand side of this forum.

Also don't forget to include the url which is blocked. Last but not least, we kindly ask you not to hijack someone else's topic next time but create a new one instead.

Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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