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Error with weekday part of CRON expression for scheduling?

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Dear all,


I am currently trying to have a task (update remote administrator components, install eset endpoint antivirus) being executed at random, every Tuesday between 9am and 5pm.


My CRON should look like this: R R 9-17 * * TUE *

However this is not being accepted by the GUI (I keep getting a red questionmark without possibility to finish the trigger)

I also tried R R 9-17 * * 2 *, but this is also not accepted, while R R 9-17 * * ? * actually does work, but is every day.


I now have my cron altered to R R 9-17 1W,15W * ? *, which is every weekday closest to 1st and 15th of every month, butin my opinion not ideal enough.


Anyone can provide me with some tips regarding CRONS?

And yes I have read the information in the HELP section about CRON expressions, but it all goes wring as soon as I change the ? for day of week into a different value (be it 0-6 or MON-FRI)

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Unfortunately there seems to be missing some crucial details in our documentation.


In your case validation error states that both "day of month" and "day of week" are specified. This should be resolved by modifying your CRON expression to be like:

R R 9-17 ? * 2 *

where "?" is used explicitly for "day of month".

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