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Hundreds of NOD32 messages after a Windows Update


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Hi guys,

I just reinstalled Win7 on my neighbor's Laptop, he had installed Win 10 and since his laptop has a few years, he got fed up with it. Win 10 is just too much for his Laptop.

So Win 7 SP1 is all installed and tweaked up nice, I found his NOD32 license, installed the latest version but then Windows Update showed up with a few dozen more updates. Right after installing Win 7, I had done an update and did 163 but... Microsoft had some Mo!

No real problem but now, even if I reduced the popup message time down to 3 sec. it's showing that there is still 137 messages to go.

Is there a place in the interface where I can check off all remaining messages? For next time...


I do RPMs
I own crappy boxes and endlessly mod games I barely play... except for rFactor.
Linux 2.6.32-573.22.1.el6.i686

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