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ESET file security 4.5: automated installation

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Hello everyone,


I have a task of installing Eset file security 4.5 antivirus on a bunch of servers in a automated way. We're usually using puppet for configuration management, so I'd like to perform this task that way.

I'm successfully able to install the antivirus software from .msi package. But I'm unable to find an automated way of applying required changes to configuration so far.


I have quite basic needs, that is - install proper license and smtp server/user for alerts, that's mostly it.


I know I can export prepared xml configuration file into the system, and that's actually great. Unfortunately I'm able to do it only via user interface. Is there an automated way of importing this xml configuration?


Other options I'm aware of may include:

  • installation of the management server - that's out of the question for now at least;
  • applying required changes via registry - and that way is blocked by antivirus selfdefence, I'm just not allowed to write to registry keys I need to.
  • providing xml configuration during installation - unable to find this option in the installation itself

Is there any other way of automating installation of the antivirus?


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  • ESET Staff

Hi volodomyr,

If you rename your exported configuration to cfg.xml and place it next to the installation package it gets imported automatically during installation.

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