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ERA reports threat in an e-mail without information


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our ERA server reports that it removed a threat in an e-mail, unfortunately ERA doesn't show the details about the e-mail, like subject, sender, etc. So I check the date and time

and I open up the e-mail log on our external spam filter. It ends up as there is no e-mail for the reported user at that time and all e-mails close to that time are all legit.

I then did a check with a different reported threat and different user, and the same as the other reported threat, no e-mail found at the reported time, and only legit e-mails

close to the reported time. It's like ERA is making up threats. The server where ERA is running on is a domain member, so the time is synchronized with the DC's.

The time on our external spam filter is also checked and both ERA server and spamfilter are showing the correct time. Where is this coming from, and is there a way

to get more information about the e-mail where the threat was removed from ?

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I totally agree. I created a support ticket some time ago and they acknowledged it's not possible so I had them create a feature request.

In my case it was ESET Mail Security for Exchange 6.3.

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