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  1. We use SCCM. So it installs using MSIEXEC running as SYSTEM. We have roughly 700 applications in SCCM and can confirm that ESET is the one giving us the most trouble. Unfortunately that's not just how Windows Installer is supposed to work. We did work with ESET premium support but with little success hence our decision to change product.
  2. It's a recurring problem that has never been resolved despite hours spent with ESET premium support. We are moving away from ESET because it's not worth the effort anymore.
  3. This command works if you don't attempt to upgrade first. Once we attempt to upgrade and it fails the only option we have is to use the Uninstaller Tool. Sounds like we'll have to script the removal, restart and then installation of the latest build just to upgrade. That's not just an isolated case, we can repro on a newly imaged machine upgrading from ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 to 8.1.
  4. Unfortunately for us last resort is hundreds of machines that refuses to either uninstall or upgrade to a newer build.
  5. Hi, Has anyone been able to programmatically run the ESET uninstaller tool? We have a large amount of computers and since that tool needs to run in safe mode it is quite a challenge to automate. Thank you
  6. Hi, According to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3592-is-my-eset-product-supported-eset-end-of-life-policy-business-products 7.3.2044.0 is supported until December 2022. I don't see anything about 7.3.2041.0 in that page. Will it also be supported until December 2022? If not when will it stop receiving updates and support? Thank you
  7. Thank you for the fast response
  8. Hi, I see Endpoint Antivirus now supports process exclusions. Could someone confirm if child-processes also get excluded from realtime scanning if the parent process is excluded? Thank you,
  9. The virtual appliance runs on Linux if I'm not mistaken. I was hoping to set this up on a Windows Server. Not a big deal, I'll just manually build a Windows Server 2019 in Azure and install ESMC 7.
  10. This template still has Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter edition and ERA 6. Are there plans to update it? https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/eset.eset-remote-administrator?tab=Overview
  11. I get ~1 a minute. Maybe it's not directly caused by it but we can't activate ESET through the Apache HTTP Proxy. We need to bypass it for activation to work so there's definitely something wrong with it. I'll contact support. Thanks for your feedback
  12. Hi, I just upgraded to V7 from ERA 6.5 using the Component Upgrade task. I used the V7 AIO installer to upgrade Apache HTTP Proxy as well. I get these errors all the time in "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\logs\error.log" Shouldn't there be httpd-ssl.conf in "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\conf" ?? It's not present for us at least. I had issues with client activation and decided to disable proxy in the client to use your public servers. It appears to have fixed the issue so the proxy config has some issues for sure.
  13. Yes we are ok here, just wanted to share this in case someone had the same problem as we had to spend some time on this problem. On the same note, even just by accessing https://edfpcs.trafficmanager.net in Chrome will prompt a security warning which is sub-optimal to say the least. I known it's not meant to be accessed directly but it could probably be improved. You can consider this as resolved for us. Thanks for looking into it,
  14. Hi Peter, We had issues activating ESET Endpoint Antivirus and after monitoring ESET and our web proxy logs we found out https://edfpcs.trafficmanager.net/ was getting blocked due to certificate mismatch. So our web proxy blocks it before the balancer can do its job. Not a big deal because we manually whitelisted it but I feel like we'd have a lot more issues than just ESET activation servers if our web proxy didn't support DNS balancers.
  15. Hi, why is https://edfpcs.trafficmanager.net signed with a certificate that is issued to https://edf.eset.com ? Should at least add a SAN for it. Our web proxy is blocking it because there's a certificate mismatch.
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