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Keyboard won't show up on Eset lock screen

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I'm currently having an issue trying to unlock a tablet. The home screen unlocking pattern has been drawn incorrectly too many times, so naturally Eset locked the device.


The issue is that I cannot get the keyboard to show up (although the cursor is blinking inside the input field). Neither can I reboot the device. So at its current state, the device appears to be unusable.


The tablet in question is a Sony Experia Z2. What are my options at this point?


Thanks in advance!

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That's actually pretty bad. So have you installed any custom keyboard for instance?

However you can mark you device as "found" on my.eset.com. It may take some while, but soon your device should get unlocked after doing so.

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Nope, no custom keyboards. ;)


After countless failed attempts to get the keyboard to show up I eventually decided to forcefully reboot the device (volume up + power button), after which the keyboard finally showed up again. So luckily I managed to unlock the device. Though I didn't know I could actually unlock the device through my.eset.com, that probably would have been a better option  :P


Still, as you already mentioned, this is quite a nasty issue. Although I have only ran into this issue once so far (no problems on other mobile devices running EMS). Perhaps it's related to some other app running on the tablet (the tablet in question belongs to a relative, so I don't know exactly what apps are installed). I guess I could try to deliberately have EMS lock the device again to see if the issue reoccurs.

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