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False Positive - Mac Space Reviver

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Hi ESET Team,

This is regarding the false detection of Mac Space Reviver by ESET Cyber Security.

Mac Space Reviver is a genuine app for Mac, lets you scan and clean all the duplicate files including photos, music, videos & a lot more on Mac. This app does not modify any existing system settings, nor does it inject ads or hijack browsers. It is not involved in any kind of malicious activities. The detection made your software is highly defamatory. By spreading this information using your detection tools, you are severely harming the reputation and web traffic of our company, while misleading potentially millions of users about our product which people otherwise find useful & absolutely free of security risks. Please have this detection removed ASAP and revert with confirmation.

Details of the product are as follows:

File Name: msr_msite.pkg

Detection Type: a variant of OSX/Downloader.Agent.C potentially unwanted

File location: hxxp://cdn.macspacereviver.com/msr/builds/msr_msite.pkg



Website: hxxp://www.macspacereviver.com/





Ashish Parihar

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  • ESET Moderators


If you believe the file is being marked by our product mistakenly, you can follow the steps at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb141/.

Moreover, the mentioned file is detected as potentially unwanted, not outright malicious - thus the users can enable or disable detection of such files and use them if they like.



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I have follow the process many times but didn't get any response yet.

this is really not good. i am not getting response from anywhere.

yes, file is detected as potentially unwanted but why?

there is no reason for that.

i have mailed many time. please help me.

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According to me in my opinion Duplicate Files Deleter is the best because I am still using it now for more than 3 years & will continue to do so as it is so user friendly, simple to use & you can do anything with it & I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there who wants to sort/manage/delete any of their duplicate files & you can choose to delete any files you don't want across all platforms just like myself who have been using this amazing software without any problems. Also it supports all file extensions out there. But please backup important files first. Please use it to believe me.

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