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ESET Endpoint-recent problems with Vista Mail contents


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Hello and I am new to these forums.

I have a subscription to ESET Endpoint and everything has worked flawlessly until yesterday, 15 Mar 16.  Emails from Amazon UK about order confirmations are BLANK in the body.  This just started as order confirmations from last week came through fine.  (I have UK friends so order  on the UK side of Amazon).


I use Vista Mail (NOT the "live" stuff) as an email client from Comcast.  After several attempts to forward the order confirmation to myself from my webmail (same issue - no contents in body), I temporarily disabled the ESET email protection.  Voila - got message.

Would someone kindly help me fix this so I may again get the emails with the body actually showing contents, please ?  I'm not sure if the issue was caused by an AV update or if I (somehow) borked settings in my ESET Endpoint.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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What email client do you use? Does temporarily disabling integration with it make a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling protocol filtering or switching to pre-release updates? Does the issue occur with both html and plain-text emails?

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