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Update Via Proxy (Macbook)

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We have a few Apple Macbooks that I have recently installed Endpoint Antivirus on (version 6).

We are a school and can only connect to the Internet via a corporate proxy server. I can get get the Macs to activate & update ESET AV with no problems if I enter the proxy server address in the preferences section of the software.


This works all fine and dandy until a member of staff takes their Macbook home with them.

At home staff use their own Internet connections, which is obviously a direct connection and since the Mac is set up to use a specific proxy server, it can not connect to ESET's servers to update the virus definitions.


Is there anyway of causing the Mac to automatically connect via the proxy when in school but to connect directly when at home?


On the Windows version of Endpoint Antivirus it is possible to set up different profiles to get around this problem, but unfortunately as far as I can tell, there does not seem to be an equivalent to this on the Mac version.


Anybody have any ideas on how to get around this problem?



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  • ESET Staff


Support for dual update profiles, as well as fallback to direct communication in case of unreacheable proxy will be added in the next service release. This is undergoing QA recently and will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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Please tell me the solution to this problem may come to my case if I have not a macbook but a regular laptop with windows and standard settings of my proxy provider?

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