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Proxy or not Proxy, that is the problem...

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I just noticed a strange problem related to the agent installation.


First, I installed the File Security on a 2003 server (there is no HTTP proxy on this site) => works fine, updates are done.

Then, I installed the agent, to have this server managed from the ERA Remote Administrator, located on another site.

The agent deployement batch has been created (and already deployed on many PC located on the Remoce console site), and executed correctly.

I can see the 2003 distant server from the ERA Remote Admin, ans the status of the File Security.


But... a few minutes later, the configuration of the File Security on the 2003 distant server changed.

There is now a Proxy Server configured (using the local IP of the ERA, and port 3128).

The configuration parameters are greyed, the is no way to remove this Proxy configuration.

And, of course, agent is not seen anymore from the ERA, and the updates are not done anymore.


If I uninstall/reinstall the agent, the File Security can connect tpo the Internet (and be updated) durint a few minutes.

Then, the Proxy appears again.


Could you please help me to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • ESET Staff



Based on what you have written, you have installed ERA Server with HTTP Proxy, which has created policies, for major products (Endpoints, Agents, File Security for Windows) to communicate via proxy and assigned it to the group all.


What you need to do, is to search for a policy for "Windows Server - HTTP Proxy Usage" and de-assign it.  (go to "Admin => Policies => Search for the policy, and edit its assignments).


Or you can create a new policy, to communicate directly, and assign it directly to the affected machine. It will overwrite the settings from the policy set on group "ALL".

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Hello MichalJ,


Thanks for answering.


However, the HTTP Proxy is not enabled on the ERA server.

And I don't use any HTTP Proxy on the networks.

There is nowhere any trace of HTTP Proxy.


That's why I was so surprised to see a Proxy configured on this remote File Security.

I'm still searching how to make it disappear permanently.


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  • ESET Staff

You have to check the list of pre-created policies in ERA server, and search for the ones which includes any reference to "HTTP Proxy". And check their assignments. Proxy settings won´t appear by themselves.

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