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ekrn.exe is becoming a memory hog

Guest Kevin

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Running Windows 7 Professional (Service Pack 1) on an I7 with 8 GB Ram

My ESET NOD32 v gradually takes more and more memory over the course of the day.  Windows Resource Monitor indicates steady use of 492,000 kb of private memory and I have seen spikes to 750,000 kb. 


Stopping scans does not release memory.  Temporarily suspeding Eset does not help.


My system gets sluggish and I have to reboot.


Is there an obvious fix for this or do I need to get rid of ESET and use another product?


(NOTE -- my skill level is relatively low as I am not an IT professional but I can follow instructions and make some minor tweaks).



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Please create an application dump of ekrn.exe by right-clicking it among running processes in the Task manager and selecting Create dump file. Then compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and PM me the download link. I'll pass it to the engineers for further analysis.

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