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ESET Mail Security for Exchange 6.2 Scheduling times are skewed by time zone

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When using the ESET GUI to schedule DB scans the start times are skewed by 6 hours.  I believe the Scheduler is using UTC and not applying the servers time zone of -6:00 Central Time.   



Create a scheduling daily DB scan for 9:00PM in the GUI and look at the list of schedule tasks in ESET reports the start time as 3:00PM.  And sure enough the scan starts at 3:00PM.  So to scan at 9:00PM I have to schedule a 2:00AM scan.


The only reason I ran across the issue was slowness complaints due to nightly scans running during business hours because of the time skew.


This looks like a time zone issue with ESET's scheduling interface.



ESET Mail Security for Exchange 6.2.10012.0

Windows 2012 R2 (Fully patched)

Exchange 2013 (Fully patched)

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From ESET support


We apologize for the inconvenience. This is a known bug in current build of ESET File Security. It has already been resolved and the fix will be implemented in next build (6.3.12002.0) which is planned to be released later this month.


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