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Microsoft Makes Windows Defender Remove Nasty Dell Root Certificates DLL


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Microsoft, everybody's favorite target when it comes to ridicule, has saved whatever was left of Dell's reputation by making Windows Defender periodically search and remove leftover DLLs that were respawning root certificates on Dell's laptops.


Over the weekend, a Reddit user discovered that some Dell models were shipped out with a root certificate, accompanied by a private key. This root certificate was called eDellRoot and allowed attackers to extract it and then execute Man-in-the-Middle attacks, intercepting secure HTTPS communications between the affected models and HTTPS-enabled servers.


If you've been away from your computer this week, here's a quick summary of the entire Dell root certificates debacle......




Dell customers curious about their exposure can visit a test site setup by system admin Hanno Böck



Test site linked in The Register article above ->  https://edell.tlsfun.de/

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