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Problems with ERA 6.2 Linux appliance

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Ever since I installed the ERA 6.2 Linux based appliance to run as a virtual machine on our VMWare ESXi server, I've run into problems with it.  It was working fine for several days at a time, but then I'd discover it stopped letting clients communicate with it. Attempting to log in to it via the web console would result in a "not connected" message and it wouldn't accept either my local administrator login or any of the domain logins.  If I rebooted it, it would start working again for 2-3 more days and then have the same issue.


At some point, I stumbled onto a tech note from ESET that referred to this type of issue and provided a replacement file to copy over the top of an existing one on the Linux appliance. I tried this, restarted it, and discovered that now, it doesn't let me log in at all anymore.  (Starting to wonder if I needed to change / set some security permissions for that file I replaced or something?)


Has anyone else experienced this same general problem though?  I can start over with a fresh install of the ERA appliance, but then I'll be right back to it having problems every few days again.



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  • ESET Staff



seems there are problems with ERA stability. Please verify that ERA is not running using command: service eraserver status. In case ERA Server is not running, please check whether there are any crash dumps available in directory /var/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/Dumps/ before you restart ERA or whole machine. In case you find any, you can PM them to me or contact support. Current version of VA does not support automatic restarting of ERA upon crash -> you will have to start it manually using command: service eraserver start.

In case ERA is not started after files replacement, there may be problem with corrupted file, or maybe file for different platform has been used. Please check trace logs /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/trace.log for Errors that could indicate problems during startup.

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