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Disable nod32 across restart?


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I would like to disable nod32 version 8 so it won't start up when I do a restart.


The Windows update KB3107998 crashes Outlook 2007 immediately after starting Outlook. 


It also crashes Nod32 within 30 seconds of a restart.  It gives a message "Error communicating with kernel".


To eliminate the possibility that nod32 is causing the Outlook problem, I would like to boot up without nod32.

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I learned something about nod32.  The ekrn service is stuck on "starting".


I uninstalled nod32.  Outlook still dies immediately.


When I reinstalled nod32, I got version 9.  It crashes immediately with "Windows host process (rundll32) has stopped working".


I now have nod32 uninstalled, but am using MSE.  I want to concentrate on Outlook.  I found that Outlook runs okay when booting up with safe mode with networking.


Maybe I should just not install that windows update. 

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I'm thinking uninstall it (KB3107998). Review the supporting information and if its not necessary (for you), get rid of it.


It was only a recommended update.




EDIT 11-20-15 11:30AM If you have Windows update set to automatic, you might consider changing that so you can review updates first.




I review all updates as Microsoft is being pushy with Win 10-which I do not want.

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