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Eset SS 9 Installer Issues

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Put Eset SS 9 for a test drive on one of my Windows 10 laptops with Office 16 click to run and visua studio installed.   SS9 installed without issue.  I then had a problem with the click to run office not wanting to update and VS 2015 installer hanging if I did a repair or changed features.  In both cases the installer would just and not complete.   I had to kill the process.


Has this been an issue?

I have used Eset products for years w/o much problem

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @erlertech,


In those case, is suggested you disable 1 feature/module of ESET and try the programs.

Do this in order to find who's guilty (if related to ESET).


Advice, some disabled modules requires a restart in order to really be off.


Let us know the results.

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