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ESS 9 firewall feature missing (leading to incompatibility with Eset 8 firewall config)

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The ability to specify a preset custom zone in the 'Remote Computer' drop-down on rule-creation, both in the interactive popup and via the advanced setup route.






Quite an important one, do not understand how this could have been missed?


It seems every linked to Windows 10 release has gone down south, as in rushed out the door, from Nvidia buggy drivers to Eset... one would hope this is not a taste of what the future of software-releases is to become.


ps. love Eset 8, I think its the most solid all-rounder after v5 business-edition yet, professional looking and very fast in gui and general day-to-day use, never crashed once, so well done on that, but please try and keep that high standard otherwise people will emigrate to sunnier shores, there's a great deal of choices out there these days.



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a zone can be added when manually creating a rule and it works with v9 alright. What doesn't work is that zones with the remote IP address are not offered in the drop-down list in interactive firewall mode; this works in v9 only if the IP address belongs to the trusted zone.

I'll report it as a bug so that it's fixed in one of the next builds of v9. This was almost impossible to discover as probably hardly anyone uses this feature and you're the first to have reported it.

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Great. Would it be possible to update via here when this fix is rolled out? As it is holding me back from upgrading. Also do keep in mind that many users simply never report 'bugs'/issues because they assume they're doing something wrong or there is simply no warning or sign, not every user has the mind of a 'tester' - until a BSOD is thrown or an equally impressive and cryptic error message. I have numerous subnets and also a number of different WAN links, so tend to use the firewall feature more strongly... ESS supports jumbo-frames, simple as that, otherwise I'd be using that Comodo thing which does not support jumbo-frames.

Again, thank you.

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