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Server IP change

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Hi everyone! I have a strange question with just a quick intro.


I have taken over a network (70 odd workstations) and ESET was running here. The manager has changed the IP address on the ERA server so now none of the clients can connect to get the latest definition updates. I have tested this by changing the Update Server IP on one workstation manually and everything worked again. Only problem is to update all the others with this one IP address that changed. I have set up the policy that the workstations use from ERA with the correct Update Server IP address but obviously they can't communicate with the ESET server now that the IP address is different.


Any suggestions on how to solve this with the least amount of effort? Thank you in advance!

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If a hostname was used instead of an IP address, you could accomplish it easily by using a CNAME records on the DNS server. In the case of IP address it could be a problem, at least I can't think of another solution than:

1, reinstalling Endpoint or agent (ERA v6) with a correct ERAS configuration

2, temporarily installing ERAS on a computer with the IP address that ERAS was previously installed on

3, temporarily changing the IP address of the computer to the previously used.

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