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A few questions regarding NOD32


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I've been using NOD32 for a week now, and I like it a lot.


However I've noticied some curious behaviors and I would like to know if they're normal.


- When I navigate through the NOD32 GUI, sometimes Windows tells me that my graphic driver has been recovered. 

Changing a key in the registry regarding driver response time has solved the issue so far but is it a known behaviour ?


- Is it possible to "pause" HIPS without restarting the system (e.g. during the installation of software) ?


- How do "notifications" work ? When I try to download EICAR Test file for example, NOD32 pops up an alert Windows 8-style on the right of the screen to inform me that the file was send to quarantine (see screenshot). How do I get rid of this type of notification?


Thank you !



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1, As for disabling threat alerts, navigate to User interface -> Alerts and notifications and untick the appropriate box. Don't know why one wouldn't like to be notified about threats, however.

2, in order to disable HIPS, a computer restart is always required.

3, ESET is not quarantining addresses but actual files that contained a threat (malicious script).

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