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Eset Endpoint for Mac blocking all web traffic

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Has anyone else had issues with the Endpoint Antivirus on Mac blocking all web traffic when one or more URLs have been added to the "Blocked URL" list?  We've added 3 sites to our block list via ERA, and while the Windows computers seem fine (only blocking the 3 listed sites), the Mac clients are blocking everything until the policy is removed.  I've already been talking with Eset Support about this, but I am curious if any other users have experienced similar issues.  We've seen this issue present in version through the current, on OS X 10.9 through 10.11.



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Just to make sure, do you have "Restrict URL addresses" box unchecked to allow access to other addresses?

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Unchecked, you say... :mellow:


It was checked in our policy.  Looking back, I see that there is not a matching check box for the Windows antivirus clients.  Since it was present for the Mac clients, I figured it had to be checked in order for that section of the policy to be active.  Whoops!


Thanks for your help!

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