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Hi, dns keeper ads remove help


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I'm new here. this program gets installed without any notice and nearly messes up Safari and Chrome browsers. Google lists some posts like this one giving a detailed introduction of the malware. It seems it's dangerous. Tried some security applications but failed. Not list in control panel. What should I do then?

Window 7 64bit

AMD Athlon 3.4GHz


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, for malware removal, please contact the local ESET support office in your country, as we provide this service to our customers with a valid license.

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Hi, has your problem been solved? I also encountered DNS Keeper ads problem several days again and finally removed them from PC by repairing my DNS address. I googled and found the solution in this post.

DNS Keeper may have changed your default DNS settings. You can follow the steps below to repair it by yourself. (Take Windows 7 for example)

Click Start button, go to Control Panel and click the View network status and tasks link under Network and Internet category. (Note: The control panel screen is under View by: Category)


Then click on Local Area Connection.


In the pop-up Local Area Connection 2 Status window, you click on Properties button.


Click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) then click Properties button.


Select the Obtain DNS server address automatically option and click on OK button.



Hope it can do your trick.


Good luck.

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