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NOD32 and WaybackMachine blocking enigma


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I can’t say I’m having any serious problem with NOD, in fact, I never had any problems since mid 90’s. But I’m not entirely sure, who is the faulty party with the problem I’m experiencing since Friday? NOD32 or WaybackMachine?

Let me give you example, let say that we type eset.com into search, like this. One out of ten times, NOD32 has no issues, but a few minutes later, this happens!

Each time I make sure to scan the site and while using UrlVoid which uses 30 engines for safety scan reports. Again, Archive.org is likely to be blacklisted then, a few minutes later, it is no longer blacklisted. It just makes no sense!

I can’t make any consistent decision based on this. I can easily exclude entire Archive.org with NOD32’s HHTP/Exclude settings, but obviously, if the threat is potential, then I can’t use the site and pretend I'm fine with such settings.

It just doesn’t makes sense, that NOD can block and unblock the same site/links in less then a few minutes, or even seconds for that matter.

Could somebody please share some sense to this?

Thank you

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Thank you for your prompt response Marcos,

glad to hear this is resolved.

However, for temporary remedy, I’ve simply changed every "HTTP" with "HTTPS" and NOD32 is very pleased and makes no complaints. Well, on majority of sites on Archive.org.



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