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2nd license


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I have Nod 32 installed on present computer.  If i wanted to buy a WHOLE NEW eset S.Suite 8 (at local retailer) for a 2nd computer, would this clash. 

I would use a different email address for 2nd computer, but i would like to keep all all my ifo (forum, etc). 

I have had a reply that said i could increase present license, but i just want the whole pkg. on a 2nd computer.

What are your thots on this?


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I think you have some confusion on what the "whole package" is. Your forum info would not be affected. It really would be a totally different-separate animal.


What I would do is call ESET sales (North America) Call: +1 (866) 343-3738 in San Diego, CA USA; press 1 for questions about ESET products or assistance with credit card or other payments. Available Monday-Friday, 6:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time [GMT-8], or your local distributor if you are not North America. This way you can see what all your options are.


Full list of global offices

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