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Eset - problems with exceptions


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Can I talk here with developers of Eset ?


I have problem with exceptions files.


example: infected file C:\test\123.exe


I can add it to exceptions in eset, but if I move file to another location (D:\\ or pendrive) eset will remove my file to quarantine.


It is way to fix it. Add file to exceptions and do with it what I can ?


Only F-Secure can provide this function. If it found infected files I have choice (add to exceptions) and this file is not spotted again. It is a chance to add it to eset ?


I hate this because sometimes I use crack for programs and eset remove this. But it is not virus at all. Just eset marking crack as viruses.

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Isn't it detected as a potentially unsafe application? This kind of detection is disabled by default. We don't usually detect cracks and if we do then not as malware.

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