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ESET 5 migration to ESET 6


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I have recently migrated from eset 5 to 6 , and the remote administrator has been very uneven in picking up the users (all users were detected in eset 5. of ~150, about 60 are being detected after the migration. Remote Administrator also seems to only intermittently tracking activity on the computers it does see, and will display errors and active threats that have been cleared on the end user's pc (upon remoting into the end user pc, it will show clear of threats, despite continuing to show warnings. I do not use a proxy for the client pcs


For the pcs that it is not detecting, i am unable to figure out exactly why they have lost communication and are unable to regain contact. I have tried a variety of methods to connect them, without success. First attempts were to deploy a client task to the entry that was migrated to the new server, which only shows failures in task logs, manually installing eset 6 on a non-communicative pc does not appear to get that pc to regain contact with the new server, nor will it attempt to add a new entry. I am assuming that i am missing something, but have not seen any steps within the documentation to address the issue from either the client or server side. any help would be much appreciated.

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1, It's not clear what you mean by detecting computers. Detection is only performed by Rogue Detection Sensor which is useful when you don't have ERA agents deployed on clients yet and the clients are not in a domain. Otherwise no detection is performed and it's agent on clients which reports to ERAS in regular intervals. If agent is installed on computers that do not show up in the ERA console, check the agent trace log on the client for possible errors related to communication with ERAS.

If nothing works, what about creating an Agent Live installer in the ERA console and running it manually on the client? Will it start reporting to ERAS then?


2, As for active threats, they will be cleared if the following conditions are met:

1,) a full disk scan has been run

2,) the scan was triggered via ERA

3,) no threat was found during the scan or all found threats have been cleaned.


ERA 6.2 which is going to be released within a couple of days will contain improvements with regard to reporting and cleaning active threats.

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