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Is there a way to hide the green/red animated icon from the top menubar of a MacBook Pro?


It is the only colored icon up there, so it is already distracting. When it starts spinning, it about makes me twitch. Granted, I am on my laptop 8 to 10 hours a day, so maybe I am more easily distracted than a lot of people, but I really want it gone. 


Any ideas? 


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You've created this topic in the Cyber Security Pro section of the forums but it looks like you're using either a really outdated version as the current products available for Home users are Cyber Security (like NOD32) and Cyber Security Pro (includes Firewall and Parental Control), and for Business users Endpoint Antivirus (like NOD32) and Endpoint Security.


All current versions above use the ESET logo in the menu bar which looks much cleaner and supports retina displays too. Current Endpoint products are more recently updated at the moment so they have the animations (the spinning you mentioned and alert graphics with the logo instead of the coloured circles (mostly green) in the current home products (but I assume the home products will also get the same improvement in the next release). I would suggest using the latest version of what you have licensed - if it's the home version of NOD32 for Mac then it is now Cyber Security (




If you are not able to use the latest version or for any another reason, there is a product available called 'Bartender' which allows you to rearrange all menu bar items and hide ones you don't wish to see (or only show when the icon is different).

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