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ERA Agent Issues

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Hello everyone,


Recently we have had issues deploying the ERA Agent to client computers. Sometimes when deploying to a Mac, ERA will deploy the windows Agent and the install will obviously fail. The same issue also happens when I deploy the Agent to a PC, the ERA will send the Mac Agent and the install obviously fails.


I have also noticed that the Agents themselves are out of date, but when I download the live installer or deploy the agents it will not deploy the most recent version.


Any thoughts?

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I have spent a lot time doing a thousand of different ways to deploy the endpoint, and I found that the smoothest and efficient way is firstly remove the old enpoints, in my scenario the clients computers have ESET smart security version 4 & ESET nod32 Antivirus version 4 installed, you can remove the endpoint in a massive way with pstools deploying the following script (example):


start /wait "" msiexec /x \\servername\ESET\SmartSecurity\essbe_nt64_enu.msi /qn /li "C:\%computername%_gp-secx64.log"


and yes,, if necessary the reboot to complete the uninstallation. :(


(also I see other comments that if you have eset endpoint 5 the upgrade must work with the single instruction msiexec /x)


another way...  I have create a gpolicy in active directory, and in the scripts of shutdown options I configured the uninstaller command, then and same policy configure the software installation with the MSI + the MST files.  so the client computer during the shutdown process must remove the old endpoint and during the start up process must install the new endpoint. (actually this is the process that is working better).



hope this can help

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