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Problem with ESET endpoint 5.0 and Jet Scheduler

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Hello everyone, I have Eset Enpoint 5.0 installed on 2 servers Windows 2012 R2


Let's call them A and B


I have a software called Jet Scheduler that creates reports based on .xls files.


Both servers are administered by ERA 5.X and are on the same policy.


The problem I have is server A when I assign my task it gives me an error    The System cannot find the path specified  Exeption from HRESULT 0x8007003


I remarked that if I deactivate the real time protection on server A everything works #1.


If I deactivate Self Defence or Reboot the server it will work for 10min then the error will come back


Server B doesn't have the problem.


Both servers are fully updated with Windows 2012 R2 and run Office 2010.


Any idea?


Thanks for the help

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Does temporarily excluding files accessed by Jet Scheduler make a difference? It'd be good if you could create a Process monitor log from a situation when the issue occurs and another one when everything works well (ie. the real-time protection is disabled). You could also try disabling folders gradually to narrow it down to the particular one that needs to be excluded for the program to work properly.

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