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ERA6 and SQL server authentication

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I am planning the upgrade from ERA5 to ERA6 (in a SBS2011 environment). There already is SQLServer 2008 R2 running, in fact already several instances, with backups etc, of which I intend to re-use one.

However I am not all clear about the architecture.

  1. In the installation guide about SQL Server installation (and in various other places, like the specific guide about SBS), login mode is to be changed to use "mixed mode", that is both "SQL login" along with Windows authentications.
  2. Later (§3.7.1 Server installation), the connection from the server is specified to be either with login or using integrated Windows.
  3. Then at §3.7.5 Proxy installation, there is another (ODBC) connection to be created; this time there is no specification about which authentication mode to use; I guess both should be valid at this point. Since this is a small network, there is no requirement for a proxy anyway, is it?
  4. Then at §3.7.6 Mobile Connector installation, there is another database and another connection to be created, again specified to be either with login or using integrated Windows. I do not have Mobile Devices anyway, so it does not matter much.
  5. The HTTP "mirroring" proxy at §3.7.8 does not use database connection; and the web console does not seem to use it either, does it?


So at the bottom of the day, it seems that I can fly with Windows authentication, and can avoid the need to create and maintain SQL logins altogether.


Is there something I missed at some point?

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Installing new database instance for ERA should be best for you. Of course you can install in any instance, if you want. In this instance you can install databases for Server, Proxy, and Mobile Connector. Installers needs "sa" login for installing databases and each installer create user and password, which will access its own product database. 


1. Database should be accessible on opened tcp port, this is why "mixed mode" is "must".

2. Windows Authentication is optional, but it is used only in installation. It is for users who do not know password for "sa" user

3. Both are valid, it is same as Server. For small network, there is no need for Proxy, and it can be installed later if needed.

4. Same as (3)

5. None of these use database connection.


If Windows Authentication is used for install, you do not have to create some administrator user, you do not even need to know "sa" user password in this case. Other logins are created by installers.

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