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Eset and DNS -> Problem?


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I've installed Eset Endpoint Security to our clients and since this installation my clients (~70) lose their DNS for sometime. what does that mean?

- nslookup ends in an timeout -> DNS server unknown

- ping to ip and domain name work well for a while

- clients aren't able to print because \\dc\printer can't be found and is displayed as "offline"

- sometimes an "ipconfig /release and renew" works, sometimes not, sometimes disabling and enabling NIC on clients works sometimes not, a reboot of client works sometimes and sometimes not,...

- after a while (30mins, 3h, 1.5h, 10mins -> randomly) suddenly it works again.

I've following configuration:

- DC (Server 2012 R2 -> DNS, DHCP Server, DC, etc.)

- DC02 -> Failover Server for DC, but it's not working correctly

- via DHCP DNS and WINS (dc) and (dc02) are correctly configured

- Eventviewer on server and clients doesn't give a hint what's going wrong

Are there any known issues according to this problem or does someone have any idea?

Thank you very much.

Cheers, Christoph

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Did you install Endpoint v6 or v5? Does disabling the firewall make a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling Epfw LightWeight filter in the network adapter setup?

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I've installed v6. Enabling/disabling the firewall makes no difference.

What's Epfw LightWeight filter?



ok, just find the option in network adapter properties.

What does this option/feature exactly do?

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Ok but firewall was/is disabled at all. Shouldn't it be the same?

My it partner asked me if I have installed nac server at installation of eset but what I've found on the internet is nac only a plugin for Cisco devices and I haven't any Cisco device. Or does he mean something different?

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I've got this problem right now on my own PC. nslookup doesn't work, then I've disabled Epfw LigthWeight filter on LAN adapter and IPv6, pressed OK and nslookup was working immediately.

So it seems to be a problem with Epfw? If yes, how to fix this problem? Without these option no Eset firewall is working?

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Again it's me:

I've uninstalled Eset on 2 clients and it worked well. So it seems to be a problem with Eset resp. with the efpw lightweight filter which is installed with Eset on NICs.


Any suggestions?

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