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Windows 10 build 10061 and ESS

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I done a clean install of Windows 10 10041 and then upgraded to 10061 and all went well. Then I decided to install ESET Smart Security but disabled Defender first in hopes of no conflict. First I tried the web download and install and all seemed to be installing but then I noticed the " status: rolling back action ". I then tried the manual installer and it done the same thing :(   Dang I feel like my computer is naked without ESS :)

I am wondering if there is something else I need to disable in Windows 10 to allow me to install ESS on build 10061 ?

BTW, it installed on all the window 10 builds up to 10049 and worked well. But when I went to upgrade to 10061 it was glitch so I reformatted and a clean install.

Did anyone else come across this issue, and if so what did you do to get a successful ESS installation?


greatly appreciate any replies



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The latest build of Windows 10 is not supported by the appropriate modules yet. When 10061-compliant builds of the HIPS and Anti-Stealth modules become available, we will inform you in our forum.

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