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Hello ken1943. I am sure you will get many different answers on that topic. I can't really recall what the default scan schedule is, but I like a more frequent scan, so I have scheduled my own on demand scan (set to my liking). I guess it really depends on what you want (and am comfortable with) and just how active you are on the internet.


Some folks will scan scan daily, others every 3 days and still others once a week (or less). Always keep real time protection up and running regardless of what you choose!


Lets see what others have to say.


Good luck!

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Thanks. I came over from Outpost Security Suite for one year because of a problem. I had that set up for a scan after a database update. I see this has a startup scan and was wondering if that is ok for everyday use. I will be going back to OSS after the year is up since I has a lifetime license.

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I guess you could use the start up scan daily. Here are some of the things you could adjust on it:
Automatic startup file check

When creating a System startup file check scheduled task, you have several options to adjust the following parameters:
The Scan level drop-down menu specifies the scan depth for files run at system startup. Files are arranged in ascending order according to the following criteria:
·Only the most frequently used files (least files scanned)
·Frequently used files
·Commonly used files
·Rarely used files
·All registered files (most files scanned)

Two specific Scan level groups are also included:
·Files run before user logon – Contains files from locations that may be accessed without the user being logged in (includes almost all startup locations such as services, browser helper objects, winlogon notify, Windows scheduler entries, known dll's, etc.).
·Files run after user logon – Contains files from locations that may only be accessed after a user has logged in (includes files that are only run by a specific user, typically files in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run).

Lists of files to be scanned are fixed for each aforementioned group.

Scan priority – The level of priority used to determine when a scan will start:
·Normal – at an average system load
·Lower – at a low system load
·Lowest – when the system load is the lowest possible
·When idle – the task will be performed only when the system is idle
I myself would still set up an on demand scan to run at a predetermined schedule.

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