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Hitman Pro Alert version 3


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I have HitmanPro.Alert 2 installed on one PC, will it automatically upgrade to version 3 or will I be required to manually update? Also HMP.Alert 3 requires a license for some feature, would it suitable to stay with version 2?
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I'm back-I uninstalled v 2.6.5 yesterday and installed 3.0 build 183 (unsure if the uninstall was necessary just did it to be safe). Per Erik Loman, Alert v2 users are NOT updated automatically to Alert v3.


V 3.0 works with HitmanPro to scan. But I had 2 BSODs-so I did a system restore and I'm back with 2.6.5. There is a v3.0 Beta build 187 (see Wilders page 224) out that I am reading about on Wilders (they are in the process of rolling out the update from 183 to 187). V 3.0 seems pretty cool-so I think I'll do some more research and try the beta build. I believe v2.6.5 is no longer offered on the SurfRight website.  



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