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NOD32 responsible for BSOD


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Hi there,


Since october last year Windows on my (gaming) laptop constantly creates BSOD's while gaming. Now I have really done everything to solve this issue. Laptop has been sent to MSI. Every possible test has been performed and nothing is wrong with the hardware. At the time I was using Windows 8.1.


So I decided to dig a little further. Performed a clean install of Windows 7 and started gaming again. Everything worked fine. Installed NOD32 Antivirus and shortly after that the BSOD returned. At the time I didn't see the connection between NOD32 and the BSOD, but after reading a lot of topics in different forums I began to analyze the log files with BlueScreenView. I found out that files like em015_64.dat were present in the dump files and started digging a little deeper. Also made a virtual installation of Windows 8.1 without NOD32 for test purposes.


In the virtual installation I was able to play games while the Windows 7 installation kept generating BSOD. Today I deinstalled NOD32 from my Windows 7 and gaming was possible again. Reinstalled NOD32 and again receiving a BSOD. So I blame NOD32 for generating the BSOD's on my laptop.


Now I have been using NOD32 for a lot of years and am very happy with the product. But this needs to be solved. Can someone help me please?

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The fact that BSOD occurs only with ESET installed doesn't mean that ESET is the culprit. We know of several issues in Windows which cause BSOD with ESET installed and which Microsoft has fixed by means of a hotfix. Also there can be a 3rd party driver which is involved in the crash. The best course of action would be to generate a kernel or complete memory dump from BSOD, compress it and convey it to us for analysis.

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