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Installing clients on AWS and RAC config

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I wanted to ask a question regarding the Remote Admin Console (5.0.242). I’ve tried to submit it through the support website, but there weren’t any replies after that.


So we started to install ESET clients on AWS images (Amazon Web Services) and when you install a client it shows up in RAC and it works fine, but on the next day another client with the same name is created and it has a number like 0001 at the end. Not sure what happens on the images, but maybe their MAC addresses change and it leads to adding a new client in RAC. After a couple weeks the console just gets clogged with clients like %name% 00020 and most of them become obsolete and take up license seats. So I wanted to ask if there is a solution to this or if you can suggest something. Does anyone know why it keeps creating clients with the same name?



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You should be able to fix this by enabling MAC address renaming (from valid to another valid) in the advanced ERAS setup.

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