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Confirm New Features Installed on v5 via ERAC?

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Is there a way to confirm that your version 5 Eset endpoints have indeed downloaded and updated with the new features from v6 from the version 5 ERAC?  I'm referring to the Advanced Memory Scanner, Botnet Protection, and Exploit Blocker specifically.  We have almost 6k systems in our ERAS, so I won't be able to check them all, but felt if I could check a random machine for each network, and confirm, that it would be a step in the right direction. 

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Botnet protection was not backported to Endpoint v5. The 2 new options are not currently available in the Configuration editor but they should be added in the next service build of ERA v5. In the mean time, to check if they are enabled download the configuration and view it in an xml or text editor and search for MemoryScannerEnabled and ExploitShieldEnabled values. If set to 1, they are enabled.

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